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    How Will Cryptocurrencies Develop in 2019?

    For bitcoin 2019 will become a landmark. Many experts in the industry think so. In January 2019, the technology of blockchain will turn ten years old. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious person who created bitcoin, released the cryptocurrency code in January 2009. Since then, the market of digital assets has replenished with more than 1600 new varieties. The main issue here is when these technologies will reach mass acceptance?

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    How to Make Money from ICO?

    The fuss around ICO is well-justified: who would not want to make immense profits without doing anything? Nowadays, it does not seem so easy though. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies, some are popular and some are not. Everyone might be thinking, “I would have been a millionaire, have I invested in bitcoins in 2011.” Well, failing to bet on one successful cryptocurrency does not mean you have to miss on all the others.

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    7 New Cryptocurrencies in 2018

    Cryptocurrency is one of the most remarkable issues of the era. And despite the popularity of classical coins, new cryptocurrencies appear, multiply, and fight with the leading parties – Ethereum and Bitcoin. And this is understandable: with the introduction of blockchain technology into various information fields, the market is booming.