New Cryptocurrencies

7 New Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Cryptocurrency is one of the most remarkable issues of the era. And despite the popularity of classical coins, new cryptocurrencies appear, multiply, and fight with the leading parties – Ethereum and Bitcoin. And this is understandable: with the introduction of blockchain technology into various information fields, the market is booming.

This especially affects the permanent appearance of new currencies. New promising cryptocurrencies appeared in 2018 for investments. How effective and viable are the new coins? The list is difficult to maintain in the current state: they appear with an enviable periodicity.

  1. Tkeycoin

The Tkeycoin platform was launched in late 2017, positioning itself in the financial sector as an alternative payment system. Cryptocurrency TCD was created on the basis of a specially developed block-protocol. In the future, the creators want to use the coins in multiplatform, applications, and marketplace.

  1. Viuly

Viuly is a video hosting based on Ethereum technology. VIU was created in 2017 and its idea was to place the original video content accessed from a decentralized storage, clouds. The meaning of the functioning of the VIU is the earnings on the creation, placement of video material on the hosting, and earnings on this basis.

  1. OriginTrail

New promising cryptocurrencies cannot fail to take into account the fact of occurrence of the project OriginTrail (TRAC), founded in 2018. Its Internet location is a resource specially created to optimize the supply of goods within the network. It’s no secret that a large percentage in the formation of the value of goods absorbs precisely the intermediary activity associated with the supply and movement of the product.

  1. DeepBrain Chain

At the heart of DeepBrain Chain is work in the NEO network, which allows users to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence. DBC, founded in 2017, provides users with the ability to access complex technical and information calculations by connecting to global resources.

  1. Bounty0x

Initially, the project Bounty0x, founded in 2017, was created as a freelance exchange, based on the development of software – bounty programs. In fact, Bounty0x was a kind of marketplace, where registered software can be used by users receiving rewards for activity (for example, advertising of companies).

  1. Request Network

The Request Network is the project, based on the Ethereum network and is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to organize payments on the network. Experts associate with REQ the future of the entire online payment system.

  1. Bitcoin White

Bitcoin White is a platform developed as a means of exchanging funds, as well as for creating decentralized applications. The work of the resource is based on additional private blockchains created on top of the main ones. This is done in order to be able to transmit, in addition to information about the transaction, other information (at the request of the user).